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Hopped Chardonnay

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Nachmelené Chardonnay lahev s oceněním Česká Chuťovka 2019

For beer- and wine-lovers, we have prepared a special drink connecting fresh fruit taste of wine with delicious slightly bitter tones of hop and fine honey taste of the Pale Ale malt.


Wine 54 % (contains sulphites), drinkable water, sugar, malty extract 5 %, carbon dioxide, hoppy products 0,2 %, modified hoppy products 0,015 %; Regulator of sourness: citric acid, lactic acid; Stabilizer: gum arabic; Preservative: potassium sorbate; Gluten free

Alc. 6 % Vol.   |   330 ml

There was an idea

Why not to mix wine with hop?

We have been playing with the idea of a refreshing drink for some time already

We wanted to create a drink having the taste of wine and that refreshes greatly. We have been thinking for some time, playing with different tastes and in 2017, the idea “Why not to mix wine with hop?came to our minds. So, the “Hopped” came to the world and we fell in love with the playful taste immediately.

We also wanted to know how the “Hopped” is going to taste before we introduce such product anyone can buy and take home. Therefore, first version of the “Hopped” was in the keg, we travelled to numerous music festivals and brought the “Hopped” to be tasted.

We knew that we’re starting something little risky, but your reactions persuaded us that this is the right direction. You started to love the “Hopped” and wanted to buy its kegs even home!

We tested also different labels as without a right packaging, the drinks are lost. From a large number of proposals, we chose the one used on the “Hopped” bottles.

So the right time has come and we’re coming with the drink that anyone from you can buy home, try its taste and experiences the right refreshment. We bring you the “Hopped” in a small bottle that will become your fellow when travelling for refreshment.

Thank you all.

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18+  |  This is an alcoholic product and it is saleable from the age of 18.